Planning a Funeral

When it comes to planning a funeral for the first time, or anytime really, it can seem a bit overwhelming. There are many things to keep in mind when planning the service, from the obituary all the way to what kind of flowers you want. Kaminski Family Funeral Homes, we’re here for you every step of the way.


However, to get caught up to speed on the entire process of planning a funeral, we recommend you read through this comprehensive funeral planning guide. If you have any questions about our funeral planning services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


How to Plan a Funeral

There are several important decisions to make when funeral planning. But by following this funeral planning guide, you can gain a better understanding of our funeral planning services. The main decisions you’ll need to make are your disposition method and the details of the funeral service.


Our staff is here to help you find the best options that fit your funeral needs. When funeral planning, it’s important to think about the best ways to honor your loved one’s life, as well as the best ways to help everyone grieve and honor their life. There is no right or wrong when it comes to personalizing a funeral service. Every life is unique, so every funeral service should be as well.


Below we’ll lay out the different things to consider when funeral planning and what to expect when funeral planning for the first time.

Disposition Methods

For your end-of-life arrangements, you can choose burial or cremation. For burial, you can have an immediate burial with no visitation or service, a traditional burial with a visitation and service, or a graveside burial service in addition to or instead of a traditional funeral service. You also can choose to have a private viewing and no public visitation.


As for cremation, you can absolutely have a visitation and funeral service like you would with burial, and we encourage you to do so. Similar to burial, you can have a direct cremation with no visitation or service, a visitation and/or funeral service before the cremation, or a funeral service after the cremation.


Some things to consider when deciding whether a burial or cremation service is right for you is any religious, cultural, or personal beliefs. You also should consider any specific requests by the person whose life is being honored.


For both burial and cremation, we encourage you to have a visitation and funeral service. Not only does this honor the life being remembered, it also gives those who are grieving a comforting and supportive environment to begin their grief journeys. Although grief is different for everyone, the service provides a place for everyone to support one another.


Arrangement Conference

At the arrangement conference, our knowledgeable staff will help you choose what options best fit your funeral needs. We will provide you with our general price list and payment options so you have a basic idea of the cost of our funeral planning services.


We also will work together to find unique and meaningful ways to personalize the funeral service. By hearing about your loved one’s life story, their personality and interests, and your memories with them, we can write an obituary that reflects who they were and create a funeral service that truly honors their life. So, we ask that you bring along any important information about your loved one for writing the obituary and completing necessary documents.


Ceremony Options

Your funeral service can be held at our funeral home, a church, or another meaningful location depending on your religious, cultural, or personal beliefs. For the service details, there are many ways to personalize the service, such as with music. If you plan to play music, decide what songs you wish to play. You also want to choose an officiant for the service, pallbearers — if applicable, and who will say the eulogy.


Some other ideas to add a personal touch to the service are the post-funeral food and drinks, memorabilia displays, flowers, service location décor, photos and video tributes, small memorial gifts for the funeral guests such as a poem or memory stone, and any other unique ideas.


Oftentimes, families may choose to have a celebration of life for their loved one. This is like a traditional funeral service, except it’s a more celebratory event than somber and provides more opportunities for personalization.


What to Know When Choosing a Burial Service

When choosing a burial service, determine whether you want an above-ground burial in a mausoleum or a traditional in-ground burial. Then, you can choose from our variety of casket options. Also, decide on a gravestone and what text and décor you want on it.


Another option for those who want an environmentally friendly option is a green burial. For a green burial, there typically is no embalming and you use an eco-friendly burial option, such as a burial shroud.


What to Know When Choosing a Cremation Service

When choosing a cremation service, we encourage you to have a visitation and funeral service. You can have both of these before or after the cremation takes place. We have a large selection of urn options to choose from, as well.


You’ll also need to decide if you’re keeping, burying, or scattering the cremated remains. We also can place the cremated remains in multiple urns for several family members. If you plan on scattering the ashes, make sure you have permission to do so in your desired location.


What Comes After the Planning Process?

After the funeral planning process is complete, it’s time to focus on your grief journey and honoring your loved one. Our funeral home offers a variety of grief resources to help you find healthy ways to cope with your loss. We also can suggest local grief counselors and support groups if you want some one-on-one or group support. Rest assured that our staff will make sure the funeral runs smoothly, so you can focus on grieving your loss and beginning your grief journey.


We also can help you and your family find meaningful ways to honor your loved one’s life. Through memorial products and DIY mementos, you can personalize a memento or create something special to always remember your loved one by. We also can help you plan a memorial service to honor your loved one’s memory on their death anniversary, birthday, or another significant date.


Are you ready to start planning a funeral service? Get in touch with our staff below, so we can begin helping you plan a service that is truly meaningful and memorable.

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